Zwift keeps creating files in my Downloads folder

I’ve been having this issue for months now. I just re-installed the Windows version of Zwift, and completed an update. Zwift created a Zwift sub-folder under Downloads which includes the executable, some library files, and XML files. In the meantime it’s installed under Program Files as expected. This is the only application that I have seen exhibit this behavior and litter my Downloads folder.

If I delete this sub-folder, I can still launch the Zwift application, but it’ll re-create the sub-folder, and place some XML files in there. And then when the application updates again, it’ll add a new executable to it, too. What is going on? It’s as if Zwift is trying to update the files in the Program Files folder, but it cannot, so it dumps the new files into my Downloads folder instead. Very strange and annoying.