Where is the documents/zwift/workouts folder

Somebody thanked Zwift for adding it to a drop down window, but I’ve had no luck finding the drop down window or the documents/zwift/workouts folder.

On a Windows 10 PC it’s:



I just got curious on this one. 

My “…/documents/zwift” folder on Win 10 is empty.

Which files are supposed to be stored in/ utilized from this folder?

Custom workouts are stored here. If you haven’t created any then the folder will be empty. You can use the built in workout creator to create them or better still use the following:


You download the zwo file and put it in the workouts folder. It’s then available to you in Zwift under custom workouts.

Your folder should look something like this:

@Paul Allen - Thanks for the tip.

If I create workouts will they be selectable from the workout meny among the Zwift workouts? Will the workouts be “ridden” in tha ordinary Zwift environment/ scenery counting distance, speed, hr, duration as any other workout?

Any differenses if the workouts are created within Zwift or by using ZwoFactory?

this is no help . where is the documents/zwift/workouts ? I don’t have windows 



P Paminator: you don’t have Windows; what do you have? Mac, iOS, TV OS? And what do you want to do?

Mac . The main problem is today’s plan workouts were auto synced now ( because of lost credit card & having to set up again today’s plan shows it’s connected to zwift but the workouts from the calendar are simply not there … mind boggling . Today’s plan shows it’s toggled on to connect with zwift ( Under zwift connections ) yet when I go into to zwift to workout the program is not there . Arrggghh frustrating . Thought I’d try manual uploading but I need AUTO SYNC. To work