Sloooowwwww load and shutdown

Previous ignored response to ‘support’:

The boot drive is on SSD (C:), the game is on HD (D:).

Let me help you to eliminate some causes right from the bat so we don’t waste each others time.

a) I have other games/simulator in the same machine that loads without any issues

b) As mentioned I use a 40Mb fibre line with no other traffic besides the machine running zwift. Find the speed test here - Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

c) While zwift is not on the SSD I would be hugely surprised if there were issues, its like saying you don’t know how it would act on Windows 8 while we are on windows 10 already. SSD is not new so I would hope ‘new’ tech are tested?

d) Not sure what zwift would consider the ‘wrong’ file path since I would assume that whatever file path is specified during installation would be the right path? It would be very surprised and disappointed if the app allows me to specify an install path it would later consider as wrong. Why do I have this sinking feeling that you are going to say the problem is because it is installed on D drive and not on C drive? Even way back in the 80’s we used config, ini or registry entries to set a global variable an app can use to determine correct path.

e) I install ALL apps on D because C is the SSD with limited space.

f) I have recently replace a 1060 with a 1070 with now difference in the load speed.

Side note: Please remove “[No answers here? Contact our Support Team!]” at the top of this forum. It’s misleading since NONE of my emails are responded to.