How long be a ride syncs into Strava?

I rode with Team Italy today 350pm Canada, and it has yet to appear on Strava 2 hours now?

Sometimes it can take up to 10 or 15 minutes but 2 hours is too long. Has it been working before?
Check on both Zwift and Strava that they are linked and allowed to share data.



Thanks for your prompt response Bob, yes it’s been working fine, I warmed up on a different route prior and that synced? Coincidentally its unlabelled in Companion too?

I believe there is a way to manually upload a .fit file from Zwift to Stava.

“ If your activity has not automatically uploaded your Strava account, you can still upload it manually. Navigate to my. Zwift .com and click on MyActivities. Find your missing activity and click download. The activity will be in the form of a FIT file.”

Could it be that Zwift thinks that you are still riding?

Your latest ride is marked as private

That’s interesting bc this is what I see in my history

That’s because I live in a miles world and you live in kms. :man_shrugging:

Ok so I did this and received an email that it’s being added to my support case and they’ll advise accordingly. Thanks for your help!

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Lol ok…I don’t know…I rode till the banner appeared indicating I had completed the course. I proceeded as usual, end ride, and save…

Double check your privacy settings

This is companion and it was set as ‘public’ and where else might I check?

Under the specific ride there is an edit function

That’s Strava.

Changing Your Privacy Settings for an Individual Past Activity

If you want to change your privacy settings for an individual past activity, follow these steps:

Any activities completed before you update your privacy settings for the first time, will be set as private.

  1. Select Activities .
  2. Select Just Me .
  3. Select the activity you want to update.
  4. When the activity loads, select the edit icon.
  5. Once the Edit Activity window loads, select one of the following options:
  • Everyone
  • Only Followers

For additional information on managing your followers, reference this article in our Support Hub.

  • Only Me
  1. After you’ve selected the option you want, select Apply .
  2. If you don’t want to apply this option, select Cancel to exit out of the window.

So I can only check my previous ride, as this one obviously hasn’t come through on Strava, and confirm that I too have the same ‘everyone’ see below…

Then I wonder why it tells me that it’s private when I click on it?
Could you have the ride open on another platform? Like the platform you actually run Zwift on? It’s a long shot but I’m out of ideas.
If all your Zwift is closed then you might manually generate the .fit file and import it into Strava.
What I think is that Zwift doesn’t think you completed the route.

No worries, I have sent the fit file off and wait to see what happens. In the mean time Thank you so much for your help… have a good night!