How do you keep Stava up to date?

Hey guys, I know this is a Zwift forum, but I noticed today that Stava had the incorrect weight and FTP for me. I’m not sure how much of a difference this makes to uploads, but I want to keep them all in sync automatically.

So how do you all sync your weight and FTP with Stava so it’s up to date automatically?

My understanding, and I could be wrong, is Zwift only syncs your ride details to Strava. You would have to manually update your FTP and weight within your user settings on Strava.

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Some smart scales can sync to Strava and Zwift for you.

Withings for example:

Fitbit scales will as well I think. So if you had one of those, you can forget about updating weight.

For FTP, I’m not sure. Maybe TrainingPeaks does it, but I don’t think Zwift can.

Thanks. I have Fitbit Aria scales. I had to setup IFTTT but it stopped working so wondered if there was anything else I could use. I’m more interested in my FTP being updated tbh, but then I don’t know if Strava actually uses this for anything?