How do I get a Zwift workout to show up in Zwift iOS

I use Zwift on iOS. I found a workout plan on “what’s on Zwift”, the “VO2max booster program” by Jesper Bondo Medhus yet cannot find it in the training workouts or plans. I’d appreciate your help to understand how I could access this workout on Zwift iOS.


FAQ: How to use custom workouts in Zwift?

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Thank you Xavier. Sorry for the miss. I was confused that it was considered a custom workout.
Is there a way to group the individual workouts under headings and subheadings?

It looks like those workouts are tagged as #intervals #jesper and also #vo2max, so once you put them in your documents\zwift\workouts{userid} folder, they should show up in the custom workouts folder and you should be able to search them by those tags—i.e. inside custom workouts there should be an additional drop down menu called “intervals” and/or “jesper” and/or “vo2max”

@Gerry_Corriveau Did you get it sorted out? Also, when you start the program (if you haven’t already), note that on day one you’ll keep your FTP set to its normal value and do a 5 min max effort test to establish a vo2 max power value for the program. Beginning on day two, however, you’ll reset your “FTP” to whatever your vo2 max power average value was from day one. From this point forward, you’ll do various vo2 max building workouts, some of which include “free ride” sessions after the intervals. If you are accustomed to looking at the colored graph along the bottom of the screen, do not forget that you’ve just artificially raised your “FTP” a considerable amount, and that the colors in the graph along the bottom no longer correspond to your regular zones!!