Hosted club group ride but ride dies not appear in my activities history

I hosted the event Group Ride: OBC Wednesday Evening Group Ride: Neokyo All-Nighter, which I created as an hour long ride. Aftwr completing the ride and exiting, the event does not appear in my activities. It does appear in the activities of the participants, however.

Just did a Follow Request to see if I could see any anomalies. I’ll unfollow after looking but understand if you don’t want to approve.

Thanks for the add. I couldn’t see anything obvious.

What platform do you run Zwift on and by chance could you have had Zwift open on another platform at the same time?

Hi Dean, I was running Zwift on a 2022 Windows 11 Legion 5 Pro and using the Companion App on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ - I ended and saved the game through the Companion App. There is a file from today in the Activities folder on the laptop but it’s only 1KB so basically empy.

1K fit file suggests you had some form of meltdown with the save. It would be worth grabbing your log file and putting into to see if it picks anything up, but network issues that pop up mid-ride show-up with partial fit files and still have an activity of some description in the activity list.

You’ll need to add your self to zwiftalizer if you havent already used it - it’s great tool for seeing if Zwift is capturing any basic issues like data loss or sensor problems. Once you get the file into that, use the Share button to post the link here so that folks can see if it shows any problems (if you cant post a valid URL, just put a few spaces in the “http://” bit).

Here is the link to the log in zwifalizer: https ://

That looks fairly clean and nothing that would suggest you had any issue.

It could well be a one-off Zwift gremlin but if you want to pursue, I’d suggest getting hold of support. They should want to see your log file as that usually has entries showing Zwift writing updates to the fit file so could have some clues as to whats going on.

Has it been OK since this particular ride?