Horizon GR7 troubleshoting

DOC, have they told you about a software update?

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Update after technical service: now, with the new bluetooth card, the cadence is OK.

Hi I asked the technical customer service they said not aware of anything like that. Was it US customer service?

It’s a shame it’s such a effort to get support from them as they don’t seem to want to help. When obviously some guys do take appropriate action. Paying this for a bike you expect decent service for all customers.

Anyone managed to get it working on Zwift?

Would love to be able to use

Dear all, sorry for my late reply. I was occupied with family issues and Christmas in the past weeks.I have still not received any reply from Johnson/Horizon in Germany. I thought it could be due to the lockdown in Germany, but will contact the technical service again. It looks promissing, that Vittoria was able to solve the problem with the new bluetooth card. Vittoria, in which country was your service located? I will mention at least the fact, that your case was succesful. For sure without providing any details about it. :slight_smile:

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I’m from Italy. The new bluetooth card now recognizes the bike as Cycle instead of GR7.

Buongiorno Vittoria,
grazie mille e buon anno nuovo.

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Dear all, last week have been contacted by phone by German Service from Cologne. The staff was very friendly and competent. I was promised to receive a new bluetooth card within the next 2-3 weeks. This card will be recalibrated to fit online applications. I will install it after receipt on my own. I will keep you updated after receipt and prepare a video.

Concerning the app fitdisplay: According the service information, the app is still under construction/maintenance…we will see how long this will take. Actually I am using additonal sensors for cadence and speed and have applied an alternative app (e.g. “panobike”).


Dear all, I have received today the information that Johnson service will sent this week the exchange card to my home. I will keep you updated after receipt and prepare more information.

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The card has reached me. Wow, this was fast…I will install it
this weekend…Hope all will work well…will keep you updated.

One day later: Dear all, I have installed the new card yesterday night, all is running now very well. Now the cadence, speed and power are shown in a right way and stable. The installation has taken 10 min (8 screws, three plugs, no problems and easy to be made). I have also exchanged the AA battery inside. I am very happy about the fast service of Horizon Germany. Well done, guys. :+1:


Dear all, I have tried yesterday also the app Fitdisplay with the new card. I have downloaded the actual version. It recognizes the bike now as Cycle, same as observed by Vittoria. It is running well and is also starting now from Android phones…Nevertheless, I cannot see if they have fixed something or this is now due to the new hardware installed. Any experiences from your side? Please let me know how your experiences are with this bike…Thanks a lot.

I like things running in the right way… :wink:

Hello Doc_Snyder,

Those are great news! I am facing the same issue. Could you please provide more info in regards of the card? (e.g. which card, serial number, is it under guarantee etc.)

Dear Panayiotis,

thank you for your message.

I have contacted the German Johnson Health Tech. GmbH - Customer Service via support@johnsonfitness.eu

After two days I have received an answer from the support team in Frechen/Germany, a guy contacted me. He told me that he will send me a new card. It has taken 2 weeks to get the card.

You can google the conttact details (I do not know if I am allowed to share contact details due to the new DSGVO law in Germany).

I have received a card looking identically with the installed one. It had the following data on it:

LCB (38) GR7

The second number was the order no, I believe.

Hopefully this will help you.

Good luck.


Hi, I am having problems a few steps before the rest of You, so You must have found the solution for this: I tried to connect my GR7 yesterday. I see the bike as JFICGR7, but when I try to connect, I have to enter a pairing code. I cant find the code on bike, since there is no display. Which code should I enter?


Hello, thank you very much for sharing your experience with me! I hope this will be a happy ending for me as well. Wish you nice and enjoyable trainings.

Hey Jacob, i have made the experience that it is not possible to connect the pc via the MS bluetooth menue directly with the gr7. It works better to switch on the bluetooth mode and to connect the bike via zwift menue. I hope this will help you. I am actually travelling, but will send a more detailled description next week. Greetings.