Horizon GR7 troubleshoting

Hello Romano,

How exactly did you connect the sensors to Zwift? Were you able to connect power sensor? I am apparently able to connect cadence and speed, but both don’t show any value when trying to ride.


When Zwift wants to connect to the bluetooth device, I pedal a few times. At that point the device (I think it’s called cycle) comes up and I connect to it. I then get cadence and watts displayed on Zwift.
Are these numbers correct? I think not. In would think the watts are out not by a few % but easily 30%. It would be good to get some feedback from the manufacturers.

I contacted johnson fitness:

Hi all

I found you contact details on this forum.

I purchased a GR7 about 2 weeks ago.

I tried the fitDisplay app that you provide. This app is so bad I don’t know where to start. But you already know that. It would be nice if you could communicate an update date.

So I connected the GR7 to Zwift. This worked right away and I was happy for a moment. Until I realised the watt output displayed can not be correct. I am not that good a rider.

GR7 shows me to be about 30% more powerful riding with the same people that I ride with in the real world.

Is there any way to calibrate the power reading of the GR7?

BTW: Might be a good idea to comment directly on the Zwift forum and provide useful support.

(I will also post this in the forum.)



Add on: I have contacted Johnson Health Tech in Germany about the issue and they responded within 8h. They promised to send out a new bluetooth card.

Good day,
I am wondering if you were able to receive the new bluetooth card? Were you able to fix the issue?

Hi Ethan
The head office in Germany sent me to the Australian dealership. And they have not responded.
Not so happy I am …

Thanks for getting back.
Terrible the service being provided by this company overall. It’s all depends on which branch that determines how good of a customer service one gets.
My unit does not even connect to the FitDisplay app and especially Zwift. It seems that the bluetooth issue is very bad even though is brand new. I did buy the console they sell separately and it does connect to it.
As @Fabio_Reibaldi explained in his comments, using nRF app I can see that the bluetooth transmitter does have issues as it emits a lot of errors.
The card that my unit came with is WI-LINKTECH WLT2541 Q3_V2.0 which I believe from the other commenters is the “newer” version of the card and worked for them.
I will be contacting the Japan branch as see if at least they have a better sense of customer service.
How have you been dealing with your issue?

Hi everybody, i just implemented this bike in QZ app on android and iOS. If you want to try, send me an email to the address that you can find in the stores. Have a nice day!

I was desperate to get service in Russia, so now I use the GR7 with Garmin RS200 pedals. Unfortunately, I ran into a specific problem.

I used the Garmin RS200 pedals out of the box and they delivered quite high power. I’ve never had a power meter before so my suggestion was that I have high body weight (98 kg, 185 cm), more or less regular weightlifting activities throughout my life and some past cycling experience. But after last firmware 3.0 update my power dramatically decreased (almoust doubled).

After the update I calibrated the pedals several times using the Garmin Connect app and Garmin Enduro watch. Nothing changed. I fully admit that the pedals are now giving the correct power and I’m ready for a week’s depression about my real physical conditions :slightly_smiling_face:. But why is the data so different from the data after 3.0 flashing in absolutely identical conditions?

I am also very confused by the fact that lowest load level with a high cadence the pedals used to show about from about 100-120+ watts and it 25-40 watts now.

I did a test workout today. Most of time it was typical for me: 90-100 rpm, 150-160 HR. Avg power
in this mode is about 150w. Before update it was about 300w. Garmin connect says that I still getting power from both pedals.

My trainings with more detailed data in ZWIFT can be viewed here:
before: … /activity/969555339265441792
after: … /activity/971023726927691792

I would be grateful if those who use the built-in powermeter GR7 (or powermeter pedals with this bike) will share of their watt expirience and resistance level.

Does it automatically manage the resistance or must I do it manually?
I bought the bike because it was compatible with zwift and zwift would manage the resistance while climbing the mountain. Even with BKOOL the same problem.

I replaced the current pedals on the GR7 with Fevero Assioma power pedals and disconnect the bike bluetooth software and all my troubles and frustrations disappeared.

The factory software is outdated. The card was replaced twice without any succes!

Now after 7 months I can proper make use of Zwift

ciao Vittoria. Ho lo stesso tuo problema. Come ha fatto a risolvere? come ha richiesto la nuova scheda??? grazie.