Horizon 7.8 AT Treadmill (is it compatible)

I have 7.4AT that I received a couple of weeks ago, and no issue at all connecting to Zwift on a PC, iPad or iPhone. Has been quite dependable on all these devices.

I have the 7.8 AT and it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t with Zwift running on a PC. It connects very quickly once the Zwift is on the pairing screen. The problem I have is that the treadmill will start and then go to pause after a couple of seconds. I change the speed and it happens again.

How do you connect it to Zwift. Is there an order of how you turn on the different machines. For example Zwift, wait for the pairing screen and then turn on the treadmill?

There shouldn’t be in reality. It seems to be an issue with this particular model. Trial and error I suspect.

I’ve not experienced any issues with connecting to Zwift, and I understand that generally, the 7.0AT, 7.4AT and 7.8AT all run on very minor variations of the same software. I generally start Zwift first, and then pair, but I do not believe the order is critical. You might check on Horizon’s website and ensure that you have the very latest software update. Given that my connection has not been problematic, and that Horizon only very recently began supporting direct bluetooth connectivity, a software update could do the trick. Check Horizon’s website for those (this site prohibited me from including the link). That said, I see that the 7.8 is not individually listed in Horizon’s updates list, so it might make sense to reach out to Horizon and inquire as to whether there is an available software update.

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I’m waiting for my 7.0 AT Treadmill to arrive. Assuming that you have had success running with Zwift with a Horizon AT Treadmill, do you still need a food pod for cadence?

Finally got my 7.0 AT assembled Thursday, it was purchased directly from Horizon. I have had no problems connecting my iPad directly to the treadmill… no need for foot pod or the like.

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Thanks for letting me know! I was going to order a footpod and they’re sold out. You just saved me some money. I also ordered my 7.0 AT directly from horizon (Canada) a week ago. I don’t know how long the wait is for arrival, but I can’t wait! See you out there! I’ll be in the orange t-shirt!

Hello, I have the newer 7.8 AT (late 2020), and it connects and works flawlessly with Zwift. No fuss, easy setup and the speed seems super accurate (all things considered). As this treadmill is compatible with Kinomap and there is INCLINE control on that plateform, I truly hopes ZWIFT RUNNING will provide this, so we can have a more realistic experience. In the mean time, I will try connecting through RUNCLINE to see if Zwift will control the incline automatically.