Hitting 2000 watts several times [KICKR SHIFT]


I started riding the Pretzel today and after about 1 km (when decending under water) my avatar starts sprinting at 2000 Watt. I stopped pedaling a few times but when I restarted it hits 2000 Watt again.

I restarted the route 2 times and same thing happened at the same time.

I did a configuration of my Elite Direto XR-t in and out of the game. I restarted everything and started the Pretzel again. No issue anymore… until… in the last 2 km of the Epic KOM there is a little decent and there I hit 2000 Watt again for a few sec.

Is this a game problem or should I contact Elite?


Zwift generally trusts whatever the trainer says your power is, so contacting Elite support is a good idea. A Zwift bug is certainly not out of the question but less likely. Do not use Zwift to calibrate your trainer. Only calibrate it using the Elite app, and make sure the firmware is current. If you calibrate it twice, the first calibration is overwritten by the second one. No trainer should be calibrated in Zwift unless you have no other option.

Hi @Dimitri_Verbeke_BZR, Welcome to forums. Juan here from Zwift.

At this time, we do not have similar reports like this. As Paul mentioned, the problem is most likely related to the trainer’s firmware. Firmware is software that provides basic machine instructions that allow the hardware to function and communicate with other software running on a device.

I’d like to suggest clicking on this link to take a look at the manufacturer’s instructions.

I hope this information helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

Well, toss in the KICKR SHIFT doing a 2000 watt spike today as well.
Never happened in over a year of having that bike.
So, it’s more than just Elite.
I stopped on the climb portal climb to answer a call.
When I started again, it spiked to 2000 for less than a second.

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Hmmmm, I smell a numerical underflow on an unsigned variable that then gets clipped to a 2000w max.

I calibrated the trainer again this morning and updated the firmware and the problem occured again 5 min into my workout on ERG mode.

I send a ticket to Elite but it would be nice if Zwift could check this out aswell as there are 2 reports now with different trainers

Oke, just did a workout in another app and same problem so it’s not a Zwift issue. Case closed for me.

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I had the same issue a couple of days ago on the Lettuce Express route in Paris using a Wahoo Kickr. I did several laps there with Yumi. One lap the resistance dropped to 0 on a specific spot on the Paris last hill segment. Another lap it spiked to 2000 Watt in the exact same spot.

I’ve had exactly the same problem with my Kickr Shift several times, and it was also starting on an incline. I’ve reported it to Zwift twice because it gave me the 700W, 800W etc. badges all in one go.

In my case it seems to be an issue with my trainer

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I had it happen twice yesterday on a Climb Portal after a stop. The SHIFT dropped it’s DIRCON connection. I switched to ANT+ and it gave me another 2000 watt spike.

Hey everyone - thanks for the reports. We appreciate the context.

@Dimitri_Verbeke_BZR thanks for letting us know that this wasn’t unique to Zwift and is likely an issue on your specific Elite trainer.

@Glenn_Van_Loon I looked at your server logs and see that you have both a KICKR Bike Shift and another KICKR model. Do they both have the same behavior, or only the Shift? Which model is the KICKR, incidentally?

@Dan_Kothlow thanks for this added context. We’re talking to our friends at Wahoo to investigate.


@shuji I only have a wahoo kickr v3. So I don’t know why you are seeing different models in the logs.

Hi Shuji.

I have a Kickr V5 with the latest firmware (v4.3.0).
I did check after I read that it could be the firmware.
The Wahoo App didn’t ask me to update any firmware so it is good.
It is connected to an Apple TV (Firmware 17.5.1 [21L580].

I did a training on Monday (8 of July).
Strength in Watopia.
Spike at 2000W, out of nowhere because I wasn’t event at 175BPM.
That surge is not easy to understand.
I did a VO2 Max right after the Strength and it shows again a 2000W.
I can push at more than 1KW but never at 2KW.
I’m almost 60yo so I just wanna keep training and have fun.

I would think that it is a shared source for the bug.
Zwift as much as the trainers used to play in Zwift.
They should talk to each other to find a solution.

I left you pictures so if you found something I can try don’t hesitate to leave the solution and I’ll get back to you if it worked.