Massive Watts

Since the recent Zwift update, my Kickr is now producing Super Hero Watts,
It’s not useable… unless I want to be one of the Zwift Flyers… which I do not.  
I have scheduled rides which I am unable to do with the situation as it is.
Last night on my weekly Monday night ride I had to soft pedal for 4 Watopia laps in order not to lap the field.

Hi Paul,

Update your KICKR firmware.

Eric I have done that. Or it did it automatically. Last night it showed I was on the latest version.

Problem solved.  Reverted to old version of Kickr firmware. The Kickr update caused the issue.

Wow - okay, that’s not a great sign. I’ll ask my QA team to look into this.

I am having the same issue since the update, but on a Computrainer. After calibrating CT and riding at what should be a relaxed 100-120 Watts, Zwift reports 200-300 Watts.