Feb 2, 2018 PC Update - Wattage Drops to zero, inconsistent

This afternoon I rode the Zwift group workout Zwift Fondo Wk2, Wo2 right after the Feb 2, 2018 PC update. Experienced many wattage drops to zero, and very inconsistent wattage. It was difficult to maintain the lower recovery wattage.

I rode the same workout yesterday and was perfect. I have been riding Zwift for at least 10 days straight and have not experienced this issue. It appears this is update related.

Wahoo Kickr Snap, MS Surface Pro, WIN10, iPhone iOS Zwift Mobile Link, Garmin ANT+ 

Is there a fix for this issue?






Since yesterday’s update I am seeing the same problem with wattage dropping to zero every 10 seconds.

I am also running on a PC with Wahoo Kick Snap on ANT+

@Zwift Can you please look into this?




Sorry to hear, but it now appears this is not an isolated issue. Hopefully the Zwift team will have a solution to problem soon. I also noted that the wattage indicator was slow to respond.


I’m also having issues since the Feb. update installed. In addition to similar power fluctuations as others have commented, my KICKR Snap is not responding to resistance changes at all.  In ERG mode during workouts, I have to either increase cadence or shift gears to meet target power, and when free riding there is no resistance change for grades - I rode the entire Watopia epic KOM in the big ring!  The power meter calibration function also no longer works.  It either never reaches the target 23mph or if it does, then it spins down to zero and never registers a successful calibration.

My KICKR Snap shows it is linked correctly as both powermeter and controllable trainer. Nothing in my environment has changed and I had very solid performance prior to the update.  I can’t say the update is causing the issues, but it is the first obvious possibility since everything was fine before, and I’ve changed nothing on my side.

Running on a gaming PC with excellent specs, ANT+, no phone/mobile app.

I’m having a similar problem - but I was having it before the update. Wattage will randomly drop to zero for a second or two – sometimes it won’t do it for several minutes, sometimes more quickly.

Also, my cadence and HR do not have problems during this time - it’s only the power numbers from the Kickr.

Kickr Snap, ANT+, PC with Windows 10.


Note – I don’t have this problem on TrainerRoad. So I’m inclined to believe it’s a Zwift problem instead of my problem.


As of this afternoon when I participated in a Zwift group workout, all the problems I had experienced after the Feb 2, 2018 update appear to been resolved. 

Wattage displayed as expected, no wattage drops to zero.


I also have an update- I unpaired my kickr then reconnected and used the F-EC connection option, seemed to address the issue. Just did a workout with no wattage drops.

Same issue here as well. Rode today and the start of the ride was OK. Hit the first big climb and the trainer never changed in resistance after the grade dropped back down. I may not be the strongest cyclist here, but it was a struggle in the small ring on a 0% incline. Logged out and logged into BKool and all worked fine. No issues before this update either. Using a BKool Smart Go and have done the FE-C change.