wattage drop

(Kevin Stafford (ECC)) #1

After the zwift update yesterday (Feb 25) my wattage would drop to 0 and then return to normal after a few seconds.  RPMs never changed so I wouldn’t think it is an ANT+ issue.  My setup has not changed in months.  I have a wahoo kickr and wahoo speed/cadence sensor.  My laptop is always close to my bike/kickr (within 2 feet).  I rebooted my laptop and the wattage continued to drop on my 2nd ride.  Really strange.

I have never experienced this issue before.  Just wondering if anyone else experienced this after the latest zwift update?

(Mark M Mermelstein (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Kevin - We are seeing the problem here too. A fix is currently testing well here at Zwift and should be released shortly! :) 

(Jon Rivest (JZQC)) #3

I’ve been having similar issues in both workout/freeride mode where the wattage would drop and return after a few seconds.  I’ve been using a Tacx Vortex Smart.  Seems to be happening more and more lately but never had any issue with my setup before early Feb of this year.

(Stewart Summerside KOERS) #4

Jonathan my zwift has been doing the same and I use a cycleops powerbeam pro it’s really frustrating as I’ve never had a problem before last week 

(John Lyons) #5

I had the same issue yesterday.  On a recovery ride and had the drop six times.  Nothing more frustrating.