Issues with wattage and speed

Im having an issue with my wattage and speed dropping. While riding several times during a ride my wattage and speed will both go to zero or jump up very high (over 1000w) then setting back to my effort before the jump.  When this happens my cadance sensor still reads normal. 

I tried changing the battery on the speed/cadence sensor and also repaired my sensor. This has not helped my issue. Last season i used zwift with the same setup and had no problems. Any suggestions to correct this?

What does your setup consist of Will?

I’m on a Kurt kinetic trainer with zwift on iPad. Using lezyne bluetooth speed/cadence and heartrate sensor.

I have the same issue, ride starts fine then will disconnect. when re-connected wattage stays the same but rpm works fine. i am on a Tacx smart trainer.

My first thought is signal drops. You can see a list of troubleshooting tips on our knowledge base, so I’d recommend running through those first (they’re very similar for both ANT+ and BLE).

If you’re still having problems, let us know!