Fluctuating power and speed

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I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if someone knows how to fix this issue. So I have noticed mostly my rides with a consistent hill climb or ones that have any type of hills. My bike would go from a 170w to a 70w to a 120w down to 50w then climb to a 170 again. I did the Rapha today and noticed it through the whole ride that my MPH would be at a 5 then a 2 or a 1 then back to 4 or 5 and would just jump. Is there any reason for this or a way to fix?

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Everything is up to date. I am connected to my ipad via bluetooth. I feel it is based with the way the pedaling is that it is just jerky and not smooth rides like the Kinetic Trainer is making it that way but unsure if the bike or what

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It could be a calibration or firmware issue, so I’d suggest you see our support documentation, which is specifically for Kinetic trainers, and make sure you’ve tried everything suggested in the article.

Since you mentioned that the issue only seems to happen on hill climbs in Zwift, I know that Kinetic trainers are generally wheel-on trainers, so it could be that you’re getting some tire slippage and things need to be tightened on the trainer. See this article for more info.

Lastly, you may need to check your in-game settings under “Power Display” and change it to 3 sec avg. If you haven’t already done that, it should smooth out your power readings. You can find more information in the related article.