Wattage becomes incorrect during workout


I’m using a Fuego 1.0 smart trainer and my Ipad.

It worked fine until a month ago.

Now when I do a traing c.q. work out my wattage meter in the Zwift screen starts off accurate, but then somewhere during the work out it becomes really low like in the 60 - 70 range. And this is not low because that’s my real wattage.

Two examples:

  1. while doing a climb work out and finishing a KOM immediattely after that the wattage goes down and I can’t get it higher

  2. whilst doing a training with a robo pacer: as soon as I ride faster than the robo pacer, for example if the work out has a sprint and I do the sprint, as soon as I want to lower my speed to catch up with the robo pacer behind me again, my wattage drops and I can not even stay close to the robo pacer anymore.

I have updated en reset Zwift as wel as my Fuego 1.0 smart trainer but I still have this annoying problem.

Can anybody help? Thx in advance!

This sounds more like a trainer problem than a Zwift problem. You could try uploading a log file to zwiftalizer.com to see if the signal is dropping but my guess is the trainer is faulty and you need to talk to the manufacturer or dealer. If the Dare2Ride app allows you to test the trainer that would be a good place to start.

Thx for your answer Paul!