Smart Trainer Wattage Issue

Hello, I’ve recently got a problem with my trainer.
Been cycling regularly on Zwift for the last month without any issue.

But now, no matter how hard I pedal, the wattage is super low. During normal rides I have 160-220 watts, but now it’s between 40-60 Watt.

Serms like a signal issue because sometimes when I pedal in the pairing screen it shows the right wattage but as soon as Im in free ride/training mode, It goes back low.

Dare2Ride FueGo 1.0 Smart Trainer
Macbook Air 2020
Polar H10 HeartBeat Monitor

It’s all connected via Bluetooth

Have done multiple spindown calibrations on Dare2Ride App. Reset to factory settings. Updated the Firmware.

All help/suggestions are welcomed!

If you think it’s a signal issue, that should show up in the results of a log analysis on

If it’s not, then it’s probably time to contact the manufacturer for support.

Thank you for the quick reply!

Will check Zwiftalyzer.

No, nothing detected on zwiftalizer. Did a Operating Stystem update on the computer and started a 50 min “training” session with much success. But then halfway in, it all just crashes. My Smart Trainer almost forced me to stop pedaling completely, couldnt get anywhere. Where doing 310 watts during an intervall, and boom, full break mode, cant continue to pedal.

But the signal is still there. the watt goes down but everything else looks normal on the screen

Well I have zero experience with this trainer but assuming you were not falling into the “ERG mode spiral of death” by dropping your cadence and being unable to hit the power target in the workout, then it sounds like a faulty trainer to me. You could still test it with some other apps. Most of the Zwift competitors offer free trials. If the Dare2Ride app allows you to do an ERG mode ride then I’d test it with that since a failure there would not result in any finger pointing between the manufacturer and Zwift or other app developers.

ERG Mode spiral of death is EXACTLY what have happened to me during the last ”training” zwift sessions.

I’m almost at the power thats required and then resistence increase until i cant pedal, and thats when i blow up in anger and blame malfunction hahah

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