Wahoo Kickr Issues

i am new to Zwift and have some questions about using my Kickr:

  1. When doing recovery intervals, the displayed wattage is consistently 3-5 watts less than the target. It seems that my Kickr just won’t hold the wattage or is not responding accurately to Zwift. (I have in fact calibrated my Kickr using Wahoo’s utilities.)

  2. When doing short intense work intervals, let’s say 10 seconds, there is a tremendous lag in the akickr ramping up the resistance so that I can hot the target wattage. By the time the resistance ramps up enough to hit the wattage, the interval is half over.

  3. When the topography would have me climbing, there is no change to the resistance. Note that I am using the Work Out mode and have selected a particular workout to do. Is this lack of responsiveness to hills due to the fact that I chose a workout for my ride?





In reverse order:

#1: try contacting Wahoo customer support. They may have setup suggestions or new firmware to try. They have been extremely helpful for me with Kickr Snap issues.

#2: I think this is due to the heavy flywheel on the Kickr.  Due to its inertia, it takes time to physically spin it up which makes it hard or even impossible to do short intervals.  You can cheat and start your spin-up earlier.

#3: workouts follow their own power profile so the resistance will match that and not the course you are riding.  For the resistance to match the terrain, you need to do a regular ride.

Hope that helps.


Thank you for your response! I think I’m going to enjoy Zwift. I was going psychotic from week after week of Trainer Road, lol.

Trainer Road was too much for me too. Excellent workouts but so boring.