High resistance when starting ride

I am having trouble with the resistance coming on hard at the start of workouts or group rides. It is really frustrsting as i lose the group or cant get my cadence up. Any solution??

you need to tell us more about your set-up - what you are using etc.

Elite Direto XR with 11 spd gravel bike and my computer.
HR monitor too.

I have tried Erg on and off.

Doesnt seem to do it just in a normal ride.


you are riding a road bike on Zwift?

Gravel bike

Some pointers in this forum post.

I can’t be sure but I think your bike has changed between your ride on 4th Sept and your ride on 6th Sept. I think you are now on a TT bike which gives you no draft. This will make your Pace Partner rides really quite difficult.

Also unless you have chosen a Zwift gravel bike for a reason I would suggest you change to the best road bike you have in your garage and see if that helps you keep up in group rides.

Thank you, that makes sense.

I will make sure i change it before next ride.



Thanks Ian. Will have a look at that.

Still having trouble with extreme resistance on the Direto.
Could it be the machine?
I did calibrate bith on Zwift and the Elite Web sites.

i’m not sure if this will help at all, but the way you describe the resistance at the start sounds exactly like the resistance i experienced when trying to calibrate a saris H3 - super hard at first then easing off to normal. So perhaps it could be the trainer and it might help to contact their customer service.

I am having similar issues with my Kickr, in fact, a lot of people are. They need to get on this and fix it, this is a Zwift issue that may cause me to switch to Rouvy.

I am thinking of shifting to another platform too!!

Rouvy gives you a 14 day free trial so why not try it out and see if your trainer has the same problem there. if it does then it’s a problem with your trainer - if not then it is a problem with Zwift and you should contact Zwift support