Hi, can you help me recover a lost ride?

Hi, can you help me recover a lost ride?
For some reasons the 2hr ride I did this morning has not been logged.
On the ride, I completed Quatch Quest for the first time and set a new 60min hour power PR. But none of the achievements, XP or drops have been added to my account.
I have been able to get the. Fit file from the Zwift documents folder and upload it to Strava. This file is fully intact. How do I go about uploading it to my Zwfit account to reclaim what I should have earned?

Hi there…

I by no means have any connection what-so-ever with Zwift (the company…) other than being an avid Zwifter, and generally quiet pleased with it.

I am sorry to disappoint you - but based on my past experience (I also had the same occurring…), Zwift is unable to have an external FIT file uploaded post-ride, nor is it able to award achievements (though I’ve never seen XP points or drops being lost…).

I am wondering, however, if there was anything out of the ordinary at the end of the ride (or while riding) you saw that you might care to share…

Thanks, Ride On!, and be safe…