HerdRacingLeague - race, Registered on Companion, not classified

Good afternoon all.
I have tried to find similar topic but I can’t so sorry in advance if I am asking something already answered.
Here the issue.
I did today Herd Beginner Racing Series.
I have finished in 14th position and the event was correctly registered on Companion even on Zwift (look on attachment and link below) but not classified on ranking.
Also strange because I saw the streaming of the race and indeed from the point of view of other rider I was not visible meanwhile of course I saw all the others as normally is.
Doesn’t matter the result registered or not but what it was happened ?
Just prevent similar situation in the future races.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

Zwiftpower lost you at 15.3km as well - its likely you had a minor network glitch. It could be your end of Zwift’s. Resetting your internet router and changing wifi channel if you have neighbours close by (and use wifi) can make a big difference.

Search for “Invisible riders” or “ghost riders” and you will find loads of similar posts.

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