HRL - Did race, Registered on Companion, not classified

Good afternoon all.
I have tried to find similar topic but I can’t so sorry in advance if I am asking something already answered.
Here the issue.
I did today Herd Beginner Racing Series.
I have finished in 14th position and the event was correctly registered on Companion even on Zwift (look on attachment and link below) but not classified on ranking.
Also strange because I saw the streaming of the race and indeed from the point of view of other rider I was not visible meanwhile of course I saw all the others as normally is.
Doesn’t matter the result registered or not but what it was happened ?
Just prevent similar situation in the future races.
Thanks in advance for your answers.

I responded to your other post about missing in results - to specifically answer this post, you are in the ZP results as non-finisher. Zwiftpower shows you completed 15.3km’s before it lost contact with your Zwift ride. And based on your description, the network could have been an issue since riders could not see you.

Ok thanks for answering
Seems hard to prevent in the future but i will cross my fingers

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