I am new to ZWIFT and do not seem to get my avatar to move. I have a wahoo KickerRoller and ZWIFT shows connected but avatar does not move and no data is reported to the dashboard. I am transmitting to WAHOO app and can calibrate spindown on ZWIFT. Any thoughts. I can’t find this problem anywhere on the forum.

Hello @Tinman19 and welcome to the forums. I’m pretty sure that you need a power meter on your bike with the rollers to use Zwift. I dont think these will work without an external power meter.

I just double checked the DC Rainmaker review of the Kickr rollers and yes, you need a power meter or they wont work with Zwift…

Thank you so much for the information! Now to see how expensive that is!!!

Although a power meter may provide the best ride feel with Zwift I think (according to linked support article below) you can get your ROLLR up and running using the inbuilt speed sensor.

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A used left side crank arm power meter is typically the cheapest option. eBay or FB marketplace, or ask in a local club.