Avatar not moving - Cycling

My Avatar is not moving when I cycle. It worked on day one and did not on day two and will not work.

I have a Wahoo Kickr Snap Smart Trainer
I am paired with the smart trainer
I can successfully perform a spindown calibration in Zwift which uses RPMs.
When I am in the app I see Watts but no RPMs and no movements.
I get RPMs using the Wahoo Fitness app.
I turned off Bluetooth on the only other device ever connected to the Snap so it’s not that.

I can see (if I’m right) you are Level 1 - 1 ride - 26.5 km. Are you still on trial version?
Then maybe you used up your “free trial distance” and have to subscribe … btw, what is the device you use Zwift on ?

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I think @Godmother_Fox might be correct, here is a link to the info on the Free Trial: https://support.zwift.com/de/zwift-free-trial-B1WDzRJBX

Yes I am on an iPad

I saw “7 days” and stopped reading. Why they want to be like that I don’t know but I guess I feel sorry for people on PCs and Macs too :-). I’ll subscribe tonight and all will be well. Thank you, thank you, thank you and Paul Allen too.


Have exactly the same problem. I’m on android, using Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+. I see the power measuring correct but the speed is always 0.

Now it became even worse - The speed is jumping from 0 to insane numbers. Check out the screen-shots:

This is not the same issue as the OP, you should have started a new thread for this.

As I sad, yesterday and days before, starting from 25th of Jan (after an update) I have the very same issue – avatar was not moving,speed was 0, I opened a support ticket for it, but today the behavior became different.

I don’t know what you said “days before” all I know is what you posted in this thread.

This thread was for someone that their trial ran out and they were seeing power but no speed, your issue isn’t different.

Please start a new thread so we can keep the forum organized and better assist you in resolving your issue.

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