Help - No Speed on smart trainer


New to Zwift and using an Elite Qubo Smart trainer. When I go on to train it picks up an old cadence sensor and picks up the trainer.

When I pedal I get RPM off the cadence sensor but no speed on the turbo.

What am I doing wrong? My tire is bigger than the options available (700x38). Would changing the tire help?


Hi Mark,
I don’t have that trainer but it very popular. Is it the B+ smart trainer? I believe that you need ANT+ FE-C with that trainer to connect to your device running Zwift. Also, when you pair choose “Power Source” and your trainer should pair, speed, power and cadence. I don’t believe you need a separate cadence sensor and if you do then cadence really has nothing to do with moving your avatar. Your Avatar moves by your rear wheel speed so if anything a rear wheel speed sensor makes your Avatar go not a cadence sensor. BUT you shouldn’t need any sensors with your trainer, it has them all built in.

Yes it’s the smart b+. You saying better to use the ant+ and connect via some else other than phone?


Maybe someone with that specific trainer will respond but from what I’ve read the ANT+ FE-C offers a better connection than using Bluetooth.

Make sure you are selecting “Power Source” when Zwift comes up and see if that solves your issue.

I’ve tried that earlier. Maybe new batteries might help sort it?

Just to be clear, you start pedaling on your trainer and then you open Zwift on your IPhone and nothing pairs?
One more thing, make sure that you don’t have anything else turned on like a Garmin or Wahoo head unit that can grab your Bluetooth signal.