Heart rate sticking since update 1.55

my heart rate monitor connects via zwift hub and has worked fine until update v1.55. the reading now sticks at a level and does not change. tried remove/reconnect HR monitor/hub etc but no joy. anyone else had this problem?

This just started for me to but when I upgraded to 1.59.0. (iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 17.3.1, Garmin Instinct 2) Kind of annoying since it wrote the wrong heart rate to my activity in Garmin Connect. I’ve seen it get stuck higher than my actual heart rate, as well as lower.

I’ve disconnected and reconnected the watch, checked for Garmin, Apple & Zwift updates, quit the Zwift app, restarted the phone, no luck.

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same here (Zwift Hub One, Fenix 7X)

solved - i had to unpair the trainer from my watch and now the HR broadcast works fine