Heart Rate Monitor - Doesn't Connect Until I'm Warm

(John) #1

My heart rate monitor typically doesn’t register on any device I’ve used (including my Garmin 520) until I’ve warmed up for a few minutes. It’s particularly an issue when I work out inside in the winter on a trainer.

This normally isn’t a big issue as my Garmin will just pick up my heart rate monitor shortly after I begin my ride. My problem with Zwift is that Zwift doesn’t seem to try to pair with my heart rate monitor once I’ve left the pairing screen. So, I go the whole ride with no heart rate and as soon as I’m done with my ride and go back to the menu, I see that it’s now reconnected.

Any ideas?


(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #2

You need to moisten it a little when you put it on. I just lick it, it sounds gross but it works.

Here is an article on it: https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2010/04/troubleshooting-your-heart-rate.html

(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #3

What Paul said.

I just put a few drops of water on mine and most of the time Zwift will connect to it even before it is strapped on to my chest.

(Alan Westwood) #4

I’ve been using a Scosche Rhythm+ for a couple of years now - easily the best HRM I’ve had including those from Wahoo and Garmin, chest strap and optical. With all the chest strap versions I just dipped the whole thing, strap and hrm, in warm water then put it on - worked fine then. Completely unnecessary with the Rhythm+ though, it connects and transmits data virtually soon as I switch it on.

(John) #5

The Schosche is an armband HRM. That’s what you use?


(Alan Westwood) #6

It’s an optical hrm and comes with a wrist sized band and a larger one for the arm - I use the larger one high above the elbow so it sits inside the sleeve of a short sleeve jersey, so well hidden from view. I find that the best position, after a bit of experimentation, to get a really consistent value with my older chest straps. I can’t fault it at all, and its much more comfortable to wear than a chest strap.

(G reenfritos(SVCG)) #7

For years I’ve used electrode gel on my HR strap before I put it on. One tube has lasted me two years, it’s cheap and effective. Only a little bit is needed. You can find it on Amazon or maybe at a medical supply store. (I snagged my tube from work)