Heart rate monitor connects some times

I have an Samsung Android tablet and Coospo heart rate monitor which connects some times but all the time, which is very annoying. It always connects to my Garmin Edge.

Zwift is up-to-date and the tablet is up-to-date.

Hi @Paul_Cre_HX_Imps

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It sounds like something could be stealing the signal for your heart rate monitor and Zwift is having a hard time finding it. When getting ready to use Zwift, make sure to fully close out all other apps that the HRM (heart rate monitor) has been connected to first. Make sure that the HRM is not directly pairing to the tablet as well. It’s ok for the tablet to see the HRM signal, but you don’t want it directly paired to it.

You mentioned a bike computer, make sure that this is off. If it’s on, it could be stealing the signal as well. Once all that is done, try logging into Zwift, and see if it will find your HRM and pair to it. If you want to use the bike computer, you can, just pair everything to Zwift first, then turn on the bike computer and pair to it.

Give that a go and reach out to our support team if you’re still having issues so we can give you 1 on 1 tech support.

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