Heart rate disconnect after software update?

Heart rate paired this morning, completed 40 min ride. Ended the ride, Zwift did update, started Zwift again but a programmed workout. Heart rate would pair but when the workout started, it was disconnected. Tried going in/out several times, also tried a regular route. Same thing would happen. Ended up trying my wife’s ipad, it’s older and has not gone thru latest update. No issues. Is the new update causing heart rate to disconnect . I’ve not deleted /reinstalled app yet.

no issues for me with new update and HRM


No problems, using Win10 PC, BLE dongle and Polar H10.

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What are you running the game on? If it’s anything other than Apple TV, you can upload a log file to zwiftalizer.com and it will visualize any Bluetooth or ANT+ dropouts/disconnects.

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Thank you, will check it out. The problem occurred on I think an iPad 9th generation. Reverted to using maybe 5th generation without issue.

Hi everyone. Welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. @Tim_Smith8, there are no reports about issues pairing HRM after the recent game version release. The suggestion provided by @Paul_Southworth, it’s a great one. Also, I hope the following suggestion can be helpful to you. Please do not forget that our support team is always at your service, so we can drill down on this.