Heart monitor will not connect on zwift companion but does on zwift (bluetooth)


I connect my smarttrainer (elito suite-t) & heart rate monitor (Polar H10) with bluetooth on my Iphone11 (ios)
and pair it to my PC with zwift companion.
It all worked perfectly!

Problem 1:
since last week my heart rate monitor will not connect anymore with zwift companion.
it still works if i connect it directly on zwift on my iphone (and also with my computer and everywere else)
my smarttrainer will still connect to the companion app.

I already reinstalled the zwift companion app but without any result.

Problem 2 (less important):
when i go for rides for example 3hours long, then i have some times that my connection drops for 2 seconds, this can happen 2 or 3 times.
sometimes it was just the heart monitor, sometimes the smarttrainer, sometimes together sometimes not.
it’s not the end of the world since i manly to workouts

I bought a bluetooth stick for my pc, and this was even worse, with connection drops every 5 minutes sometimes 10 seconds long, this is the reason why i pair with my phone.
when i use my phone it all works perfectly but the screen is to small.

kind regards


I’m not sure what’s going on but two possible solutions…

  1. Put the Bluetooth USB dongle on an extension cable if you haven’t done that already

  2. Your Elite trainer can work as a HRM bridge. Try pairing the HRM to the trainer instead of directly to Zwift. A firmware update may be necessary for the trainer.