Hard crash twice in a row with v. 1.60 on Alpe du Zwift

I am running Zwift version 1.60.0 (127000) on a Windows 11 computer. I use the companion app on an iOS device and have an ANT+ smart trainer and HRM connected.

The last two days I tried to do the “Accelerate to Elevate” course. On Day 1 I did it as a “free ride”; on day 2 I did it as an SST Med workout.

On both days, Zwift crashed at roughly the same point in the ride, about 61-62 minutes in (around turn 19 or so on the Alpe) if I remember correctly. Windows gave a “Zwift.exe not responding” error message. Selecting “wait for the app” did nothing and I was forced to close the app using Task Manager. After both crashes I restarted the computer and was able to choose a different course and ride without any issues.

Seems like more than a coincidence to crash at exactly the same point. I have never had Zwift hard crash like this on me before and have ridden Alpe du Zwift many times.

Is there any other information I can provided that would help identify the bug?

Can you provide all the details about your computer - which CPU, amount of memory, which graphics processor you have? Have you manually customized any of the graphics profiles on it?

A few suggestions I can offer without understanding the details:

  1. If the video screenshots setting is present, turn it off
  2. Do a clean reinstall of the game where you delete all of the application data
  3. Disable OneDrive
  4. Make sure storage is not full
  5. Apply all necessary updates and reboot


Machine specs:
Intel i5-1135G7 @ 2.4Ghz
64 bit Windows build 22621.3155 (current version of Windows)
Intel Iris XE Graphics with driver
Tons of free hard drive space
OneDrive not running
No custom graphics profiles
No video screenshots

That sounds more than adequate, though it’s the kind of system I would want to make double extra sure that video screenshots aren’t running on so just to be sure we are on the same page:

Other than that I think your options are to do the clean reinstallation and to contact Zwift support and ask them to analyze your log files. They’ll probably tell you to update your graphics driver (generic answer) but if you find one on the Intel website that’s a different version, you could give that a shot.

Thanks. Graphics driver is current. May try the uninstall/reinstall. Hoping the Zwift testing team scans this board for issues…

I’ve had couple of crashes recently - FPS capped at 60 and was running 59-60 FPS on 1440p (ultra).
From everything I’ve since looked at; would appear certain parts of zwift were massively spiking the GPU usage and rather than FPS or res adjusted - Zwift just crashed out.
Messing about with resolutions I was seeing GPU usage of ;
720p = 25-45%
1080p = 40-75%
1440 = 60-97%
2160 = 94-97%

The 1440 was spiking massively in places.

Switched to 1080; rode the same event/course and no issue (but I did still see a spike around where it previously crashed).

Might not be the same - but worth a look.

If you want them to investigate it, contact support and ask them to analyze your log file

Is HRM connected via ANT+ or bluetooth?

I’ve had unusual crashes in Zwift connecting HRM via bluetooth on Alpe du Zwift. But never happens with ANT+.

I’m on Intel Xeon powered Mac however.

Thanks Chris - interesting to hear your experience. I’m 95% sure HRM connected with ANT+ but will double check.

I’ve also reinstalled Zwift. Will see if that changes anything on my next attempt…

Great thought Mike! I’m running at 1080p

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I only managed it once, but I replicated the crash with no sensors connected.
Just viewing a pacer.
Also had no other apps running.

But I definitely saw some spikes with 1080… Tho far less demanding than 1440.

So worth monitoring GPU usage.

Hi @TimWo, thank you for reaching out to us on the forums.

Driver version was released in 2021. I’d recommend updating your graphics driver to see if that resolves the issue. You can update your driver by visiting Intel’s website here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/download/785597/intel-arc-iris-xe-graphics-windows.html

Also check out our Issues With Zwift Crashing guide.

If you’re still having issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Support Team page.

For over a year I’ve not had a PC Crash. On Saturday I attempted Stage 5 Climb Mountain Mash C Group. Within 1km of the finish my PC locked up and was unresponsive to any commands. Had to manually power it down and back up. One hour later I attempted it again and it crashed within 500 m of the same spot requiring me to power the PC off and back on again. On Sunday I completed it with no problem. Last night Monday I attempted a makeup Stage 2 Jurassic Coast. I joined the B group. All others I joined the C group. With about 5km to go it crashed and had to be powered off. I’m running the latest software. After that I deleted Zwift with the add/remove programs function and re-installed. I watched it update and verified it was on the current release of 1.60. Has there been any other reported issues like this? Just trying to figure out if it’s a game problem or if it’s something else. It seemed really strange on Saturday that it crashed twice at almost exactly the same spot and then again last night in the same type of event. Had it crashed outside of Zwift Games I probably wouldn’t have though it was so strange.