Zwift keeps crashing 27 April 2018

(Steve Knott) #1

(Stuart Middlecoate) #2

Need more detail to be able to assist.

I’ve been on since the update with no issues.

(Karibou M) #3

Have issue since the recent update.

The screen has been freezing each time I reached the end of a stage of the Tour of Watopia today (had to save the rides twice through the companion on my iPhone)

When riding up the Alpe du Zwift today, the little screen on the side indicating all the stops (21 to the end) is black and was on a regular basis becoming pixeled grey.

The Zwift companion has crashed twice today during rides

When selecting workouts, the elevator for moving up and down is just becoming wacko and all the screen starts to blink. Only option is to select the “go back” button at the top.

The screen is blinking/pixeling during the rides at random since the last update.

The names are appearing in red (or is this something special since yesterday?).

Quite annoying actually :frowning: the previous version was pretty stable…

(Stuart Middlecoate) #4

That sounds like a graphics issue for sure. Post details of your configuration for further assistance.

(Chris Parker) #5

I have had 2 crashes in 2 rides since the 4/26 update, running on AppleTV  Just doing structured workouts, not a group event.  First crash was in the middle of an FTP test, second crash was 3 turns from the top of the Alpe.  The lack of stability is beyond frustrating.   And yes, I’m force-quitting the app each ride before anyone asks.

(Steven D) #6

Hi everyone,

Zwift supports multiple different device platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, TvOS) and if you experience game crashes, they can occur for numerous different reasons depending on what hardware you’re using to run the Zwift app. 

Your best avenue for assistance is to please submit a support ticket, provide details about your Zwift setup, and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further assist you.