Haptic Feedback Enabled for Zwift Play [June 2023]

Well I’m glad this can be disabled, as having them vibrate for something like ride ons is absolutely the last thing I would want to happen.


but thats how it would feel if you went over cobbles/boards etc

They don’t vibrate from Ride Ons received, FYI. That’s incorrect info in the original post @shooj.

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Haptics for Braking and Deploying a Power Up sound good… I hope @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn is correct (and it stays correct) that Ride On’s don’t trigger haptic vibrations as I’d switch the feature off if this was the case.

Obviously, it would ultimately be great, in the option menu, to have the choice to turn on/off which elements you get haptic feedback for individually - as some people may have different preferences. :+1:

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Corrected! Thanks

Update: Play Haptics are now enabled for 50% of devices on macOS, iOS, tvOS, and Windows.

(Why not Android yet? We’re working through an issue with haptics on Android which we’re planning to release in an upcoming game release; once that issue is resolved we’ll be rolling out Haptics for all Android Play controllers as well.)

Does Zwift play Haptic feedback work with Tacx roadfeel haptic feedback enabled?

This is not showing up in my settings menu. I have the latest update according to the companion app and Zwift launcher.


Are the Play controllers powered on and paired to the Zwift game app? The Zwift Settings menu is context-aware, and will not show you the Haptics on/off switch if it doesn’t detect controllers are paired.

Yup they are connected. I have been using them for a week and can use all the functions. Just the haptic part isn’t working.

I confirmed the reason - we’re still at 50% rollout per Evan’s post upstream.

We appreciate your patience over the July 4 US holiday weekend.

No worries. Just making sure I wasn’t doing something wrong. Cheers and enjoy the week. Thanks.

I got my response from Zwift support:

“The Zwift play haptics and TacX road feel features should both work, however it’s worth mentioning that they act in very different ways, and can be turned off independently of each other.”

I just need to wait until they switch my Zwift play Haptic option on.

Initial feedback is that it works fine but it doesn’t really add a lot currently - maybe it could add more value if we had the option to customise what actually causes vibration eg when a turning is coming up or similar that you might miss.

The one thing that I did really like was the buzz on braking - a good warning if you didn’t mean to!

I just got 1.43.2 on ATV and the haptic feedback still doesn’t work. Not showing in settings with them connected either. Hooked up my Win 10 laptop and feel them working.

ATV seems to be at the end of the list for rollouts,…I am hoping for the end of July being 100% rollout.

Another clarification from Zwift support: The lack of haptic feedback option is not related to Zwift running on Apple TV (not running on Android).

It is not running for me because of the Zwift "Companion " is running on an Android device.

I am running latest version of Zwift on an iPad Pro 12,9 with latest iOS and the Companion app on an iPhone 13 Pro. Still no haptic feedback.


Same here, though on Win11 desktop.

Add my name to the list…again. I have all the updates for the hardware and software per the programs and nada…