Request for virtual shifting haptic feedback on Zwift Play controllers

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Actually now that I think about it, since I’m using Zwift Play controllers for virtual shifting I’d prefer haptic feedback for shifting.

If you aren’t already getting physical feedback, then something is not working.

For shifting? You’re getting a vibration with each gear shift?

No. Pedalling gets easier or harder, legs spin faster or slower. Virtual shifting already gives you real physical feedback if it is working.

@Mark_Gallagher The purpose of my post was to request a new feature. The difference in one gear out of 24 is pretty subtle. Speaking for myself, I would like some tactile feedback.

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And speaking for myself, I don’t want developers wasting time on a superfluous feature, when changing virtual gear already gives physical feedback. We don’t have to agree with you, but since there is no “down vote” option in feature requests, we have to speak up in case silence is taken as agreement.

Was thinking this exact thing from the moment my controllers arrived a month ago.
The new virtual shifting setup is AMAZING - the fact you can now turn any old bike basically into a Kickr bike is a game changer.
I personally would love some haptic feedback when the shift buttons are pressed - the technology is all in there, so it can’t be a massive leap to offer it as an option.
I have to say, Zwift are definitely upping their game recently with these sort of features - long may it continue.