A Cool Idea - Haptic Feedback Handlebars

Hi, new user here. I wondered if anyone had heard about whether or not Zwifts software development team is offering some sort of Haptic Feedback handlebar clip-on so that we could feel the gravel, dirt, pavement, cobblestone, and transition between types of roads. If user retention and additional users are the goals, I think getting and offering services that more closely resemble outdoor riding would be invaluable. Plus, haptic feedback on your handlebars would be pretty cool. Who doesn’t want to feel the road under them?

Cool idea but it sounds quite unlikely since their layoffs included the team working on hardware, and they promised “focus” on core features, which this is not. Perhaps the existing road feel interface could be used by a Kickr Climb type of product.

Well, that is terrible news. I think implementing that into on of the trainers is a great iteration of the idea!

In case you aren’t familiar with it… the Tacx Neo 2T can emulate road surfaces in Zwift

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I love this! Thank you!

I gotta tell you though Paul, I’d love to see some haptic feedback for the handlebars for less than the price of a $1,400 trainer lol I can feel the difference between textures and surface types on Cyberpunk via the PS5 controller and I can pick that up for less than $80. Maybe I’ll do a little side project and find a way to 3D design and Print a model I can attach to my handle bars using the “guts” of the PS5 controller :thinking:

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Being the first and only product with this kind of feedback, it’s not surprising that it’s found in a top end trainer. I assume (but don’t actually know) that the integration is proprietary. In any case it would unlock the hackers if Zwift published an API for it. Haptic handlebars, risers, saddles, seatposts, pedals, etc… bring it!