Sensor Accessories & Upgrades

(Dave Heisler) #1

Ideas and advancements for more realistic ride feel.

  1. Front Wheel riser block- to automatically raise bike up and down to simulate climbing and descending changes.
  2. Handlebar Sensors- Enabling a more realistic aerodynamic feedback. ie your speed increases when you’re in the drops.

(Paul Allen) #2
  1. Has been suggested many times and there is a solution:

  2. Not sure what you mean

Remember Zwift is a software company, these requests should be made to the hardware companies (Tacx, Wahoo, and such)

Please vote up the existing suggestions so Zwift knows what the users want. 

(Dave Heisler) #3

Hi Paul

My point was to have A riser block that travels up and down with the grade changes on the zwift program,simple tech retailing under 200$.Have you seen the price of A Tacx Magnum 8000$ . My second idea was to have sensor pads you strap on to the tops and the drops of your handle bars so the Zwift program could change your speed.Some times I sit up with my hands of bars for A unrealistic amount of time.I realize zwift is A software company but you guys are amazing and I noticed you have A retail store section on your website.Just fun ideas thanks for the response keep up the great work Zwift has made wintering in Canada bearable thanks.