Multiple Feature Ideas

  • Directional Control :  Must have been mentioned before but It would be cool to maybe use a swivel plate under the wheel or something to have some control during rides for both fun as well as impacting positioning decisions in race 
  • Aero Sensor: Support use of something like a kinect sensor to quantify the frontal area of the actual rider on their bike. Increase aero boost for those riding with less frontal area.
  • Export Power Device Type to Strava:  For rides exported / posted to strava or elsewhere, include the power device / type used for the ride (eg: virtual power, stages power meter, etc) 
  • Better Group Ride / Meetup Functionality and or Private Servers
  • Community Map Development
  • More Bikes + Community Development bikes even if its just a skin
  • Deeper Bike Customization:  Ability to pick everything on the bike: Frame, wheels, tires, saddle, bars, groupset, etc.
  • Get Rid of Rainy Environments:  No one riding inside wants to ride in virtual rain.


Yep, more if not all have been requested.

Directional Controls: I would not go with a swivel plate, that could cause a lot of stress on the bike, some kind of hand control/joystick would be better.

Aero Sensor : Something like this would be cool:

Export Power Device type to Strava : Good suggestion and should not be too hard, but Strava I would think would also need to be involved in implementing it.

Better Group Rides / Meetup functionality and Private servers: Been suggested and I think change is coming soon

Community Map development : Don’t think Zwift is going to let this happen any time soon, they would lose quality control and their platform is proprietary (built in house)

More Bikes + Community Development bikes even just skins : More bike are coming. Customization of Zwift build bikes could be possible, but I am not sure bike manufactures would allow changes to theirs, and this includes colors.

Deeper bike customization : Tires could be helpful with in-game speed and/or handling, other options would not give much, if any in-game performance so not sure if that would be worth Zwift’s time. Maybe different helmets for TT would be cool.

Get rid of rainy environment: If different tires are implemented having rain could make racing interesting if it could effect traction and or handling.