Feature requests for Kickr Bike and Zwift

Kickr Bike

Customizable buttons:

  1. Make it possible to change the functions of the four buttons on the hood between following: Tilt up, tilt down, power up, rear view (alternate between default and rear view), change view (e.g. between 3rd person standard and 1st person), emotes (e.g. flick elbow), lap button (for doing workouts inn free riding).

  2. Show gearing on screen.


General improvements and ideas:

  1. Streamline the end ride part - Skip the animations after a ride (e.g. ride distance counting up, drawing the route on the map, alternating between slices of pizza and kcal - just stick to kcal). This is in my opinion not providing any benefit and I would prefer if my time was respected.

  2. Default view - Make an option to set your own preference (e.g. default to 1st person).

  3. In game chat - Make an option to only see ride leaders’s messages.

  4. Race recording/Ghost races – Save races and rides and make it possible to ride them again offline later. You benefit from drafting the other riders and may re-race your previous races and see if you have improved. Race organizers could also make race files available to the public to race (e.g. try your luck in the Zwift Games Elite Championships).

  5. Show average power during intervals/laps.