Topics for discussion - feature list

(Kurt) #1


A list of features below that I would love to see Zwift!!!

I haven’t listed courses and worlds because this will continue to expand.

  • Visual and Audio Implementation of crowds TV areas etc for races and other events, this would help build atmosphere, especially for spectators through live feeds.
  • Environmental Dynamics wind and rain, crosswinds would matter, rain might slow bike. Variable weather dynamics and effects.
  • More importance place on selecting the correct wheels and equipment for a race
  • proper time trial starts
  • official multi-stage events with in-game front end
  • accurate race results with automatic rulings for say lack of HR monitor or above CAT limit etc.
  • Podiums with your avatar
  • a vastly improved community portal either in-game or via a website to help people meet, for teams events, etc.
  • incorporate or work with Zwift Power to bring all those stats etc for a lifetime player feed
  • more control for live feeds
  • cinematic or something like that before events, maybe you’re in a workshop picking your bike changing parts
  • player lounges, country, and world lounges to communicate outside of in world gameplay
  • Club and Team lounges
  • improved player and bike customization
  • competition event and race calendar
  • A way to find a race, league criteria series, running race. In game or otherwise where it all makes sense and is relevant. Best place at the moment seems to be Zwift Power but thats not easy although they do an amazing job.
  • Finish line celebrations for winners
(Gerrie Delport TeamODZ) #2

That is a long list. I imagine every user can think of lot a lot of things they want to see.

You know what would be the top of my list and I would thing many other lists would start like that:

#1: Fix all functions that is currently in the game! (volcano lap achievement, Power numbers in the starting pen, meetup, New items in the drop shop showing as new when already viewed and much more)
#2: Please let us know what changed with new releases.

(Daren) #3

I don’t see the point of this. I’m not sure I really understand what you’re suggesting, but I don’t think in-game fake crowds will do much to create atmosphere.

Crosswinds would necessitate control over positioning. We don’t have that, so including wind in the game would just be a frustration.

Not for me. I want to play a game, not a simulation. I choose bikes or wheels for their aesthetic qualities. Besides, the differences are so marginal, it seems pointless.

Yes, 100% with you. I’d like to see proper TT events and hill climbs. However, I think they’d end up having to be limited entries, otherwise it could take an hour or two just for everyone to start. It’d also make it difficult to know when to log in. How far ahead would start times be sent out? If I’m in a TT event that starts at 8pm but my start time is 8:20pm, it makes a difference.

That’d be cool.

I agree this should be being done officially within Zwift, not unofficially via a community site. ZwiftPower does a fantastic job, absolutely. But the fact not everyone is even signed up to it always makes me feel a bit of a fraud if I get a silver medal when I know there were legit riders ahead of me in game.

No point for me. When would we see them? This is cool for the three people who get on the podium. Not so much for the other 50 or 500 in an event. =)

Yep, with you there.

Yep, as above I think this should be in-house. And it shouldn’t be necessary to export to Strava to be able to see any meaningful analysis of past rides. The website is almost useless for anything other than downloading a .fit file to upload somewhere else.


Not interested. I skip cut scenes in games as quickly as possible. I’ve zero interest in sitting through stuff like that.

I don’t see much use for this either. For all its many, many faults, Facebook fills most of the requirements here. As does Discord.

See above. Most established teams use Discord for this purpose.

That’d be good. It’d be great to be able to do interesting things. Red frame and white forks, for example. Also more avatar customisation. At the very least the darker skin tones shouldn’t look like the standard Western character model. There should also be some more Asian featured avatar options.

We have that don’t we? The Zwift one is a bit lacking in usability admittedly.

Similarly to above, in-game/on isn’t great. ZwiftHacks does the best job I think (

Cute for the winner I suppose, but either no one’s gonna see it or it’s not going to mean a lot to people who do, I think. Especially when a rider suddenly appears out of nowhere with their arms in the air because they’ve just finished a closed event and been released back into the open world. :smiley: