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Hi all,

Haven’t sat on a bike for 40 years (hence my name :slight_smile:) , so getting back into the saddle is a bit of a painful experience in more ways than one! I thought I would get better use of the bike this time of year by using a smart trainer.

My setup is a Tacx Flow connected to my Samsung tablet. It seems to function and connect fine, and the companion app on my phone works most of the time, so no complaints there. I do have a couple of questions though.

If I understand things correctly the trainer is supposed to give me some feedback vis-a-vis the road texture i.e. feel a cobbled road etc. Is this true? If so am I expecting too much form my cheap as chips trainer? And drafting, not sure I feel much in the way of reduced resistance, but have no idea as to what to expect anyway.

If you see me out on the course give me a wave! I’m probably about to expire at that point, or a Zwift would have it, I’m toast!!

Welcome to Zwift @Old_Git

The Tacx Neo is the trainer that gives you the road feel of cobble stones, etc. The Flow will not.


as @Mike_Rowe_KZOO.velo said only the Tacx Neo will give you road feel.

wit drafting you wont feel a reduction in resistance but you will notice that you can stay in the group using less effort. It take some time to get used to but it does work.

Have fun and Ride On.

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Thanks for the info!!! I might upgrade the trainer sometime, but was just dipping my toe in the water to see how I got on. liking it so far!

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That makes sense! Many thanks for the explanation. There is a lot to learn for an old timer like me!

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You are welcome,

You know where to come if you have any questions.

This is a good resource with lots of good information

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