Getting gradient and road feel from partners Zwift session


Noticed that road feel reflected the roads on my girlfriends Zwift session, and when she went up a hill, my trainer also reacted to those gradients.

We are riding at the same time, right next to each other, but this has never happened before.
All pairings were done to my Tacx Neo (BLE) while everything was working for her Kickr Core (ANT).
I even tried to remove pairings and re-pair the device, but no change in behavior.

Please help, I can’t ride next to her all the time!

Hi @Patrik_Karlstrom_C2r

We also have two bikes next to each other and the only time this happen is when one of the devices pair to the wrong trainer.

Check both pairing screens and make sure the correct trainer is paired.

Since it was in a race, I couldn’t verify her pairing screen, but I suppose she could have had my Neo as her controlled trainer?
Usually stuff just connects like it always does, so one barely looks at the paired devices at startup.

My pairing screen was definitely ok though.

I would assume that is what happened. Her device picked up your trainer before her trainer started broadcasting.

The second person to start riding has to double check the Pairing screen. I always keep an eye on my wife’s pairing screen when she log in, she is always good at un pairing my trainer since her trainer does not have controllable function.

Seems like this is exactly what happened.

Both trainers are on the same smart power strip, and for once she started up her system before I did. So when I came in and turned on the power strip, her computer must have taken my Neo as controllable without me noticing. All power and cadence were ofc still on her trainer, and the race was mostly flat, so she didn’t notice anything being wrong.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @Patrik_Karlstrom_C2r

I tried to confirm the theory that your girlfriend’s KICKR Core was perhaps inadvertently paired to your Zwift app session under the “Controllable” resistance part. After examining your account, I wasn’t able to find any examples of anything other than the Tacx Neo 2T being paired to each of your specific Zwift app sessions; I went back as far as March 20th.

If this is just an anomaly, there’s likely no need for concern but if this continues to happen, I’d suggest that you contact Zwift Support. We can examine your log files in more detail and see what else might be going on.

If need be, you can reach us here.