Tacx Neo: Request for road feel with ERG


(Chris Gagné) #1

I bought a Neo because I figured the road feel would add more realism to my rides and thus motivate me to ride more. I also ride primarily with ERG mode on as it’s a bit of a pain to change gears as I go up and down inclines.

I really wish Zwift allowed me to keep road feel on in ERG mode. I get that there is an increase in resistance due to road feel, but I don’t see why the app can’t compensate for that with some data from the Tacx folks. Like other users, I’m also disappointed that the road feel is 1-2 seconds out of sync and doesn’t have adjustable intensity relative to the Tacx app.

(Chris Holton) #2

you say you got a neo because you wanted more realism yet you don’t ride in sim mode because you don’t like changing gears which seems a bit at odds with one another.

I also don’t think it is possible, as far as i understand it road feel works by changing the resistance of the trainer multiple times a second, erg mode would also be trying to control the resistance so they’d be working against each other.

(Svenne) #3

I don’t want to be a jerk but i think that the comment above nails pretty good what i’m thinking. ERG has nothing to do with realistic rides so why bother if road feel is not like IRL?

(Justin Cabe) #4

Ignoring the argument over realism, etc. I would also very much like ERG to have the road feel implimented, even if it is at a low setting.

this is one fo the unique selling points of this trainer, and if you do a lot of workouts instead of free-riding or races, you barely ever get to experience it.

Yes, Road Feel is acheived by manipulating the resistance, but it is in a calculated way, that i’m 100% sure can be compensated for in the code.

(Chris Gagné) #5

I think of ERG as ride that just happens to have a perfect continuously variable automatic transition. :slight_smile:

I get that I’m not facing increased resistance as I’m going up the hill, but mentally that’s because my bike just switched into the perfect gear for me.

Why can’t I feel the cobblestones at this point? It’s a fun feature that adds some realism, why sacrifice it? As Justin says, there’s no reason why the resistance can’t be compensated for. This is an imminently solvable problem.

(Andrew Smith) #6

Why not just set the trainer difficulty to 0 and ride in sim mode?

(Chris Gagné) #7

Andrew, that’s a great idea! It doesn’t allow for structured workouts, but it is another way of training.

(Chris Holton) #8

maybe the request should be for road type to be added to the workout builder? for each segment you add you can select the different road type, i guess it would line up with what you re seeing on screen but would give you some “real” road feedback?

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #9

I tend to agree with @Chris_Holton that ERG and road feel just can’t work together, i think it is a hardware limitation.

Can the Neo do ERG and road feel in the Tacx software?

I would suggest contacting Tacx and ask them if this is a something that the trainer can do?

(Chris Gagné) #10

I can think of no reason why the two couldn’t work, though admit my ignorance. My logic is this: if the trainer can maintain a certain resistance with a virtual incline and road feel, why can’t it do that with ERG?

I will check and see if road feel is present in Tacx’s workout mode. Great question, that could answer the hardware support question.

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #11

My reason/thinking for it not to work, is with a constant incline it would not matter if the resistance is off by a small amount due to the road feel (you wont know the difference between 7% and 7.4% for instance).

But in ERG the unit is constantly adjusting the resistance to keep it the set Wattage (W) , I would think it is adjusting multiple times per second (if it isn’t multiple times per 10th of a second) and then to introduce the constant on and off to simulate road feel will make ERG very choppy.

But it will be good to hear form Tracx what they think.