Hammer B94 auto-resistance is not working

Hello, I have an indoor bike Hammer Sole B94. It can control the resistance, and it does in fact work well in other applications. Also one can use the controlled resistance in Zwift when using a third party app like qdomyos-zwift. But the resistance cannot be auto-controlled when coupling the bike directly in Zwift. So we have to change the gears manually when climbing for example.
The power outage of this bike is quite accurate (I could compare by using power pedals), so I don’t really understand why this bike is not among the list of supported bikes. I’ve seen on the Hammer forums that a few B84 owners do not get into Zwift because of this limitation.
I’d be happy to first understand why it is not supported.
And I’d be even happier if I could help the developer team to make it work.
Thanks a lot for your response.
Kind Regards,

If the bike use the standard ANT+ or Bluetooth protocol then it will be supported by Zwift.

Do you pair the bike as Power and controllable.

Yes the bike is well coupled through bluetooth, including the controllable icon. But still the resistance is not automatically controlled by zwift …

I’m seeing the same issue. Has anyone managed to find a solution? Apart from this issue the bike performs brilliantly

@Yvan_Blancmunier - What is the workaround you mentioned using qdomyos-zwift?

post a picture of your pairing screen. What device are you using?