Christopeit ECO1000 Ergometer not working with Zwift

I have a Christopeit ECO1000 ergometer. This can be flawlessly paired with the app, all data is transferred. It is also displayed that the control can be taken over. Only it is now unfortunately so that the resistance is much too little and does not increase even uphill. Can I change something in the app, or is the device not suitable for use with Zwift? Thank you.

This unit is not listed on the Zwift site as being supported, so there may certainly be some issues.

Hi Andreas, welcome to the forums.

Have you been able to feel the resistance changes when you were pairing as controllable before? Or has the resistance always felt like this indoor bike? Also are you making sure that it’s not paired to any other apps or devices while you’re trying to Zwift?

Hi Lucas, thanks.
Resistance after pairing with Zwift is zero/minimum and does not change while driving uphill.

I tried other apps (Bkool, Rouvy,…) but only Kinomap takes control of the resistance and works properly - all the others not.
Very sad, because I wanted to stay with Zwift.

Hi Nigel,

Yes, I checked this list also before posting to this forum but thought there could be something like an hidden option for Bluetooth or ANT+ to connect the device correctly to the app.

This sounds to me like the bike might not be using Bluetooth Open Standards for resistance. If this is the case then it means only software that the manufacturer has directly worked with to enable support can take advantage of that feature. Zwift supports Open Standards for Bluetooth and ANT+ since they’re publicly available for use and it allows any manufacturer to be Zwift compatible out of the box if they chose to use the open standards. You might want to contact the Christopeit support and ask them if they use Open Standards before investing too much more time on getting resistance working.