Resistance not working on high spec device

I’ve just bought a gaming laptop and all seams fine except I can’t build sufficient resistance. Where my cadence averages about 70 I am having to do 83 odd and then it’s still not generating any watts. I’ve put the rider difficulty on the most difficult and I experience the same thing. Possibly something to do with ERG? But not sure where to change that. Any advice? Strange that all works fine when I link via ATV or my low spec laptop.

I tried a free ride on an old device and my new system and both work perfectly. I then went into an organised ride with my new device and the resistance is gone again. I go into the same organised ride with my old device and resistance is working.
I am now at a loss of what could be wrong. Any ideas.

are you pairing as “resistance” on the new laptop?

Maybe the new laptop has poor internal bluetooth, you might have better luck with an external dongle on a USB extension cable.

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Upload a log file to and see if you’re getting Bluetooth dropouts or disconnects

If so, have a look at some of these suggestions

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Hi @Brendan_McGrath ! There’s a couple possible causes of the issue here, since there are multiple Zwift devices in the equation. To avoid diverted pairing issues (where your trainer is getting resistance directions from a different app or device), I recommend confirming that you close all other apps and power off any nearby devices that can pair to your trainer, other than the one you’re going to use for Zwift.

If you’re still having issues after this, you may need to double check your Virtual Shifting settings in the pause menu, if applicable. These settings save to the device running Zwift, so you may have conflicting settings between your devices.