ERG mode Virtufit

Hello, I’m new in the world of Zwift and at the moment I’m using the zwift trial period.

I have a VirtuFit HTR 3.0i Ergometer Hometrainer and is zwift compatible.
I’ve been using zwift on my Galaxy S21 Ultra so it connects with Bluetooth but for some reason ERG mode is not working.
Zwift says ERG mode is on but no resistance change.
In de zwift connect option the everything is connected to control the bike.
I’ve been testing workout that using ERG mode but nothing is happening.
Did I miss something?
Of somebody has a solution for this problem.

Zwift looks like fun way to train, but if the ERG mode isn’t workings I find the subscription a little bit too much.

Greetz Noxie

Hi @Noxie

Welcome to the Zwift Forums!

I had a look at this article, which lists all the indoor bikes officially supported for use with Zwift. I’m sorry to say that I did not see the VirtuFit HTR 3.0i Ergometer Hometrainer listed on that webpage.

This usually means that while the bike may connect to Zwift, it hasn’t been tested by Zwift’s developers nor has it been officially approved for use with Zwift.

Essentially, the device likely isn’t supported and this may be why the resistance doesn’t function. Sorry for the bit of bad news, but there you have it.

Thank you for your answer.
On the website from the bike manufactur it says that it is compatible with zwift.
But probably only that it connects.

Too bad it doesn’t work, I will be looking for some other option or programs.

Thanks you for helping me!


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