GRRRR...zwift not responding!

Have you tried a reset of your Windows installation?

I guess that PC is just not up to the task.

Did you do a clean windows install with no other software, to give the pc a sporting change.

We had a number of riders (myself included) have this happen to them on yesterday’s ride. Complete screen freeze but app still running and devices still paired. CA still functioned allowing for a game of “keep the yellow dots together” but nothing would unfreeze the main screen other than complete exit and rejoin (for those who experienced it within the first 30 minutes).

All were on ATV using 1:43.

Sorry to hear Simmonius. It dies seem its not just me having issues.

Gerri thanks for your input but i dont believe it is my PC. Though it is pretty old, It has has been functioning very reliably and consistently…only time i seem to have issues has been after zwift updates version. Not every time, but only occurs after updates??

There simply isn’t enough reports of this for it to be an update issue.

I’m afraid you have to accept it’s an issue with your setup.

I can’t keep repeating the fact that you probably need to do a reset of your Windows installation to eliminate this.

Mine isn’t my setup. It’s unchanged in over two years. 1.43 arrives and bang, it freezes on the first ride.

There’s also now a weird glitch with rider names in France I noticed tonight where the rider name tagged to their avatar has several squares under it as well.

Some instances may well be user side, but 1.43 has brought issues (unsurprisingly) from the server side.

Are you guys updating your video card driver ?

You cannot just leave that for years without updates.

I had that as well like a month ago. Black squares on avatars. Looked at the time something wasn’t loading and I saw that everyone’s pants were black. That bug eventually went away after a few races. I think I even made a screen shot of it.

Updating graphic drivers. definitely could try that. Very important piece of the computer. Can also try to lower the graphics of Zwift in the game if you have troubles.

Same here. Haven’t changed setup other than to do Zwift and other standard software updates.

But now Avatar freezes during rides, I get dropped from groups and then eventually freezes completely.

You’ll need to provide a lot more detail to enable us to help you.

What OS?
System Spec
How connecting etc…

Hi Stuart,

OS: Win 11 Pro (Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621)

System Spec: Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-10510U CPU @ 1.80GHz, 2304 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processors; RAM 8GB.

Devices: KickR4; Ant+ dongle; HR strap. [same devices since Feb 2020]

How connecting: Fibre; LAN to pc; Ant+ & bluetooth to sensors. [same connections since Feb 2020]

Just completely removed Zwift as directed above and have reinstalled. Will see if that resolves the issue.


Do you have video screenshots enabled? That’s a pretty slow 10th gen mobile CPU, but I think video screenshots will be on by default for i7 10th gen of any kind, which will increase load.

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Video screenshots were enabled, a setting I haven’t changed until right now to try. Hopefully that helps.

Although mobile processors are not as powerful as their desktop counterparts a 10th gen i7 is fine. By all means turn off screenshots, despite being capable of handling them it does seem to caused some oddities.

Possibly the reinstall will resolve it. One legacy issue is the distance of your ANT dongle from your trainer. It’s highly recommended to use an extension lead to get the dongle next to the trainer.
Many years ago my setup was fine then one day i got dropouts. No idea why after over a year it became an issue but an extension lead sorted it.

I have an 11th gen i7 on a laptop and have to have video screenshots turned off due to the impact on performance. It is fine with them off.

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Is it making your experience unusable Chris? Seems video screenshots is having a really detrimental effect to some people’s setups.

Other than a bit of a stutter when saving i don’t notice much of an issue and I’m on a lot older setup.

I am exercising on quiet/empty roads though.

Do have a drop in frame rate but doesn’t cause a notable difference.

yeah it is really noticeable. still rideable and i haven’t had any crashed but makes it a really poor riding experience so i just leave it switched off the whole time now.

I only ever used the video screenshot to capture bugs i notice so no real loss to me.

given the issues defaulting it to off might be a better way to go.

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@evan-zwift feedback for you :point_up_2:

Thanks @Paul_Southworth

@Brandon_Pretorius Do post back here after you’ve had some time to observe and let us know how it went.

Feedback… Have done two proper Zwifts since and no issues so far.

I did the following as recommended in these forums:

  • Completely removed Zwift and reinstalled. (easier than expected).
  • Turned off video capture. (probably the biggest impact).
  • Dropped quality to 720p.
  • Made sure my Ant+ dongle is closer to IDT.
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