Zwift unresponsive, error code ZL09 [Februrary 2024] [1.59]

Win 10 pc with an i12100f. Dedicated zwift pc (albeit with sauce, Spotify, discord, OBS).
Warming up for ZRL, 20 odd mins in and lose power to turbo. Not the first time, tho its not regular.

However trying to go into pairing and everything just froze. Killed the other apps. No difference.

Tried to restart and reboot and whilst zwift did load it became unresponsive almost immediately.

Took an age to get thru the initial screen then dies at pairing.

Did have this error flash up first time…

Since uninstalled zwift, cleared browser cache, removed all zwift files (that don’t seem to get removed on an uninstall) and still seeing the same behaviour.

Ended up racing connected to old pc.

Any clues to resolve??

Seems to be using a stack of memory…

Hi @Mike_22 thanks for the photos attached, they really help us to better understand the scenario you’re experiencing. I also appreciate the time in reinstalling and deleting the files.

I’d like you to please try the following steps that might resolve the issue:

  • Right-click on the ZwiftInstaller file and choose ‘Run as Admin…’ even if you already have Admin access on your computer.
  • Remove any special characters from your admin account user name, or create a new admin account that doesn’t include a special character in the name.
  • If you have an antivirus program installed, make sure it’s not preventing Zwift from writing to your account folder.
  • If you have a sync program (e.g. Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive) installed, make sure it’s not syncing your Documents folder.
  • Make sure your default Documents folder is accessible.
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Other than running as admin, none of the others apply.
Will try tomorrow… Ran out of time for a third install tonight

No anti virus
No one drive or anything
No special chars
Will double check access, but zwift had access previously.


Do you use an Ant+ stick? If so, unplug it and see if things load normally. If they do, close zwift and plug it back in and try again.


I had to use old pc.

No sauce. I so missed your mod :sob:

Will try removing ant+ :+1:

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Yep … That did it

Any reason you know of, that causes that to make it unresponsive??

No clue but it happened to me (in the pen at the start of a race) and I know of a couple others as well. Makes no sense since I don’t even think a reboot will fix it but somehow the unplug must reset something… somewhere…

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