Group Workout through Meetup

Top priority for me! Would love to be able to just setup a workout for my wife and I.

Jumping on this bandwagon a little late but I completely agree with the posts above. This feature would be the icing on an already delicious cake!

Hopefully it’s on the developer’s radars.

Yes agree. Several people in my local race club have expressed an interest in doing custom workouts together at mutually agreed upon time/days. I just assumed it was an option and offered to try to get it setup, but quickly realized the only group workout option for you and your buddies is to join a pre-made (not custom) workout at the specific time it happens to be running. This was a big turnoff to many, so nothing has happened.
It would really not matter to me if other strangers joined or not. This feature would keep several racers ‘in touch’ over the winter months that would otherwise just be training alone in their basements on the trainer (perhaps on a different platform).


Hi Zwift Devs!

Just chiming in to echo the comments above - although I suspect there have been some developments on the topic since the earlier posts.

Our club currently does a weekly Meetup every Sunday and we are really loving this option. We set it up as “Everyone Stays Together” ride and once the the Meetup clock starts, we all go to our menu screens and select the same workout. This works okay, however I think I could be improved if we were able to assign the workout to the group during the Meetup set up process. That way, everyone would start each of the intervals at the same time, rather than the staggered start that we currently experiencing (due to some people having quicker trigger fingers than others!).

Thanks for considering!! :smile_cat:


@Anna_Linegar Check out the link below.

It sound like Eric is saying you should select the workout before the meetup start.

See the : ONE STEP MAGIC section.


Awesome news!!! I will give it a try!! Thanks :smiley_cat:

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It’s three steps, basically…

  1. Join the meetup (which has been set up with the “keep everyone together” option).
  2. Everyone choose the same workout before the clock counts down to 0.
  3. Do the workout as a group!

When everyone selects the workout, does the first interval start exactly once the countdown for the meetup hits zero? I hope that’s the case so that everyone doing the same workout is actually doing the intervals at the same time.

I think so, but you will have to test it.

Just would like know how can I create a meetup using my own exercise instead only ride. Is it possible?
I have some training created thru Trainingpeaks and I wanted share this training with my friends creating a meetup but I didn’t find option to choose training.
Can anyone help?

Thanks and ride on.

Hi @Roger_Santos, Welcome to the forum.

If you scroll up in the post you will see how you can do it. Remember to send all your friends the same workout.

Thanks Gerrie, I’ll try those steps…

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Thanks very much Eric. I did this today and, while it’s not as good as a proper workout (primarily in its integration with Companion), it let my wife and me do a workout together.

It would be nice if Zwift could make it a fully fledged part of the meetup rather than having to do a workaround to get it to kinda work.

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What differences did you find between a normal workout and the one in meetup?

Firstly, it was a bit of a faff to set it up - having to go into workouts while in the meetup zone rather than selecting it from a dropdown menu, or the like, when creating a meetup.

Regarding the actual workout itself, it doesn’t show you a proper workout screen in Companion so you can’t look at it to ensure your Wattage is within acceptable parameters or see what other blocks are coming up etc.

I know you can see the next ‘so many’ blocks on the main screen of Zwift itself but it’s handy having it on Companion too.

Oh, and I don’t think I could switch ERG mode on and off (I could be wrong about that) and it was slightly more awkward to change the bias of the workout (which I always do because I’m not very fit and my FTP is probably out of date and higher than it should be).


We tried the steps, I choose a workout , my wife a free ride, setting was keep together, but that did not have the expected effect. Nor ERG mode. No erg, only after my wife stopped her session then ERG came on. Appletv + laptop setup.
Switching erg off and on in companion app did nothing…

Yes, it would be great, expecially in this Corona period, to help friends and teams to stay together

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It would be nice to have a workout pre-selected for the meetup just like the Events that have associated workouts.

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But i want the workout to be embedded in the meet up so people dont have to go look or load just join and ride

I would like to meet up with my friends and do the same wo from Zwift.